ANA-00043 - Livescribe Sticky Notes

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Capture your thoughts and ideas and turn them into interactive notes.
Add audio to your notes and reminders using these convenient Sticky Pads. Each pad features Paper Replay controls plus three quick launch buttons that you can program to start your favorite smartpen applications.

Keep dot paper within your reach with these handy sticky note pads. Quickly capture short notes, lists, and reminders while adding audio to them.

You can attach sticky notes to any printout, magazine, or book page to add personalized interactive notes. Like other Livescribe dot paper products, you can transfer your sticky notes into your computer to organize, search, or share with others.

A total of six pads are included in the package: three square pads (3" x 3") and three rectangular pads (3" x 5").

  • Navigate your smartpen menu with standard Paper Replay controls
  • Assign your favorite smartpen applications to quick launch buttons
  • Three 3” x 3” pads
  • Three 3” x 5” pads
  • Each pad contains 75 single-sided sheets (450 notes total)
  • Repositionable adhesive on back
  • Works with all Livescribe smartpens
  • Compatible with all smartpens
  • This product requires smartpen firmware version 2.5 or later. Dock your smartpen to download & install the latest software.
  • Your smartpen can carry up to 6 pads (Sticky Notes 3”x3” Pads 1, 2, 3 and Sticky Notes 3”x5” Pads 1, 2, 3) at the same time.
  • When you're done with all six pads, archive them with Livescribe Desktop before starting a new 6-pack.
  • Please do not use identical pads from different 6-packs at the same time, because your smartpen will recognize them as the same pad.
  • Self-stick notes may mark some surfaces or lift inks; test before using.