I'm No Longer Scared About School

Give your child the gift of confidence, effective note organization and learning independence with Assistive Technology Digital Smartpens.

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Attention Division

Disorganized Notes

Frustrating study habits

Intrusive Recorders

Defeat Learning Challenges

Some find it hard enough to learn effectively in the classroom. Those challenges are compounded with Dyslexia, ADHD, Test Anxiety and other learning difficulties.

Improve Learning Retention and Confidence

The Livescribe smartpen from SmartpenCentral can overcome learning challenges in a private and anonymous manner*. No more depending on inconsistent in-class support resources or outdated recording technologies. Gain learning independence for your child and provide a lifetime of enhanced success.

Persistence with Tasks

Demonstrate Academic ability

Improvements in writing




Over the last 20 years, smartpens have been studied numerous times within educational and learning environments. Smartpens show positive improvements with confidence while reducing anxiety and frustrations associated with in-class learning. Access the studies here.

How the Livescribe Instills Learning Confidence, Better Grades

How the Livescribe Instills Learning Confidence, Better Grades

"Many of the students reported that the pen reduced their classroom anxiety and freed them up to pay better attention."

– UC Berkeley School of Information