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Livescribe Aegir Smartpen, Black Dolphin Professional Edition

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Black Dolphin Pro Aegir pen is designed for people who need an elegant device to capture information in settings where whipping out a laptop or typing on a mobile device is not convenient.

Writing with a pen on paper while face-to-face with a client, patient, or colleague is a sign of attentiveness.

This product elegantly delivers the traditional benefits of pen & paper but with the augmented value of having an instant backup, easily shareable content, and transcription to turn handwritten notes into searchable copy. The notes captured flow to a mobile device whenever the pen and the device are paired via Bluetooth (in real-time, or afterward).

Included with the Professional Edition bundle is

  • 1x all-black Aegir smartpen
  • 1x A5 sized executive Livescribe Lined Journal (5.8" X 8.3")
  • 1x quick start sheet
  • 1x set of ADNA personalization stickers
  • 1x additional ink refill
  • 1x USB charging cable

Experience the benefits of Anoto's ADNA technology with the included stickers. Personalize stickers with contents of your choice using the free ADNA Discovery App, apply them on any surface to make them interactive and share contents.



- so you can be confident that you'll never miss a word.


Write on Livescribe paper and watch your handwritten notes be instantly captured and effortlessly digitized (when connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth).

RECORD AUDIO WITH LIVESCRIBE+ APP - Capture audio using the Livescribe+ app on your mobile while you write to add voice to your notes. Livescribe+ app helps to sync everything you hear to what you wrote. Just tap anywhere on your notes to play back what was said at that exact moment in time – as many times as you need to hear it

TAKE YOUR NOTES WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GO by accessing them from your mobile (iOS/ Android device) devices. Share notes in the format that you want (Text/PDF/image/ Word doc) or automatically sync them with the cloud (Dropbox/Google Drive/MS OneNote/Evernote). Digitize across boundaries.

NOTE: Livescribe intends to release a version of Livescribe+ for Windows and MacOS. When it is available, all the capabilities of the iOS/Android version of Livescribe+ will also be available on Windows & MacOS. No definitive release date has been announced (remember: this is Livescribe's intention, but it is not currently available).

HANDWRITING MADE SEARCHABLE - Use the Livescribe+ app to search your handwritten notes and find what you need, when you need it. Use tags to keep your handwritten notes organized. DO MORE WITH PEN AND PAPER - Convert your handwriting into text on the Livescribe+ App and make your handwritten notes more useful. Currently recognizes up to 26 languages. Share contents directly from paper with your friends/ teams.

12-month warranty from the manufacturer