APX-00008 2GB Echo SP ("Small Paper") Smartpen Bundle

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The Echo 2gb bundle includes:
1x 2gb Echo smartpen (APX-00008)
1x four-pack of softcover A5 notebooks, 5.8"x8.3" (ANX-00003)
1x set of ink cartridges: 5x black-medium (ARA-00012 or equivalent)

1x set of earbuds (SPC-00020 or equivalent)
1x portfolio case to fit the A5 notebook and your smartpen

The new 1.3oz 2gb Echo smartpen records everything you write and synchronizes it to everything you hear. You can also search your handwritten notes using your keyboard, just as you can with the Echo pens, and also create PDFs, pencasts, etc.
The 2GB of memory can hold almost 200 hours of audio. Actual recording time varies by audio quality setting. Requires Windows XP 32-bit SP2 or higher, Windows Vista 32- or 64-bit, Windows 7 32- or 64-bit operating system, or Intel Mac with Mac OS X 10.5.5 or newer.

Please note: earlier versions of this bundle included MyScript software. This product is no longer available/supported by its publisher.

Capture Everything:

The Echo smartpen records audio and links it to what you write. Missed something? Tap on your notes or drawings with the tip of your Echo smartpen to hear what was said while you were writing.

No Need to lug the laptop!

The Echo smartpen automatically captures everything as you write and draw. Transfer your notes to your computer, organize them, and even search for words within your notes. Find what you want in seconds.

Share Your Notes:

Transform your notes and audio into interactive movies. Upload your creations online for everyone to see, hear and play.

What You Get

  • The Echo 2gb smartpen (1.3 ounces, anodized aluminum housing)
  • 2 GB of memory (actual user-available memory will be less)
  • Echo Desktop software for MAC or Windows(download)
  • Starter notebook
  • USB charging cable
  • 2 ink cartridges (one in the smartpen, one spare)
  • Interactive Getting Started Guide
  • ... and this bundle also includes:
  • 1x four-pack of soft-cover journals (5.8"x8.3") (ANX-0003-17)
  • 1x set of ink cartridges (5x black-medium or equivalent)
  • 1x set of earbuds (SPC-00020 or equivalenti)
  • 1x portfolio case to accommodate a journal and your smartpen
What You Need
  • Requires Windows XP™ 32-bit SP2 or higher, Windows Vista 32- or 64-bit, Windows 7 32- or 64-bit operating system, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. For Apple: Intel Mac with Mac OS X 10.5.5 or newer
  • 600MHz CPU or higher
  • 300 MB minimum free disk space
  • Available USB port
  • Internet connection for software download

Works Only With Livescribe Dot Paper


Product Design

Sleek ergonomic design with anodized aluminum housing

Charcoal blue with silver band & black accents


Samsung ARM 9 (32-bit, 150 MHz)


96x18 OLED Display


High speed infrared camera (over 70 images/sec)

2GB NAND (over 200 hours recording time)*

*Actual available memory will be less.
*Actual recording time varies by audio quality setting.


300 mAH rechargeable lithium (non-removable)

Audio - Record
Dual (embedded) smartpen
microphones - mono recording
3-D Recording Headset - binaural or stereo recording
Audio - Playback
Embedded speaker
Audio jack (2.5mm) for 3-D Recording Headset
Computer Connectivity

USB mobile charging cable

Size & Weight
Length: 155mm (6.1 in.)
Width: 14mm or 0.55 in. (bottom) to 16mm or 0.63 in. (top)
Weight: 36 Grams (1.3 oz.)
Desktop Software
Livescribe Desktop Computer Desktop Software (download)
  • Page Viewer to search, view and replay notes
  • Pen & application management
  • Gateway to your account, store, and online community
Online Community
Web Apps & Services
My Livescribe Account
500MB Online Storage
Community for posting and sharing content