ANA-00027 - 3-Subject Notebook 4 (large 8.5x11")

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Each 3-subject notebook has 150 college-ruled perforated sheets. Perfect to take to classes and meetings. The Pulse, Echo, Sky, Livescribe 3, and the new Aegir smartpens work only with Livescribe dot paper. Use it to activate all smartpen applications.

  • Scientific, financial and statistical calculator
  • Three dividers with storage pockets for all your loose-leaf notes and papers
  • Perforated 8.5" X 11" dot paper, college-ruled
  • 3-Subject Notebook No. 4

*Note: Your smartpen can carry up to 4 notebooks (No.1 through 8) at the same time. When you're done with a notebook, you can archive it with Livescribe Desktop and start a new one. Please do not use two identically numbered notebooks at the same time, because the smartpen will recognize any identically numbered notebook as the same notebook.

  • 150 Sheet, Notebook No. 4
  • 8.5" X 11" dot paper, college-ruled
  • Works with the any Livescribe smartpen